Monday, January 21, 2013

Adios, Mi Amigo Joven!

Life is indeed unpredictable. Another friend/classmate way back in college passed away. We've lost contact since our graduation but somehow my memories with him can't be easily forgotten. We both love to sketch. I remember most of our bonding moments were spent in pencils and papers. That's how my friendship goes with Joven. We are not really that close. We seldom bond but somehow we were able to build connections that doesn't really necessarily requires our time to be together all the time. We both have different circles of best friends but we do have common friends and that's how we keep our friendship alive.
Joe Bacho
Novemeber 21, 1981- January 19, 2012

After college days, we lost contact then. I learned that he was already in Cebu working as call center agent. Then last Saturday, I was shocked by the news that he already passed away. All my memories with him suddenly flashed before me and I realized I have wasted lots of time. I know for sure that he didn't forget me as well, we just both too preoccupied with our lives that we don't bother to get in touch with each other. I was surprised how my other classmates had a constant communications with him. Honestly, am not really good with communications. My best friend in Taiwan, our classmates too, is fully aware of that. 

To you, Joven, may you rest in peace. 

Reunion like this should not be held in a place like this... Just a thought.
L-R: Me and my baby, Genevieive (his friend), Joan, Jergans, Nena, Toni, Elder, Carl (his best friend), Mayfel, Cherryl and Germaine
Sitting: Carl Fallares

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