Monday, January 14, 2013

Just The Way It Is...

"Many are the plans of man, but it is the plan of God that shall prevail..."

As of this moment, I would like to be optimistic about this. As optimistic as I should be. Things didn't fall into places as we have planned thus I would like to believe that God has a purpose about it. It's our fault anyway. We are way too relax that we were not able to consider the possibilities. 

My only motive after all was to make my baby's day extra special but maybe we can still make it happen in a different way, maybe not with grand celebration  but with something else. I should be thankful after all that God has been so faithful with my baby's life. For his good health, the indescribable joy that he brought into our life and for the life itself that God gave unto him. Why should I be worried after all? God has a wonderful plan after all. So I should keep it that way... just the way it is

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