Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Today!

Yah, it is definitely Tuesday today! See how time flies so fast as in real fast?! Fifteen days from now I will have a one year old baby (so excited about it!) Whether there will be a celebration or not the answer is positive. Well, it's not that grand actually, I might have preferred it as a family celebration only because aside from the fact that we cannot afford an el grande one, I don't want to stress myself that much in thinking about things that will only consume much of my worries and apprehensions. I think balloons, cakes, ice cream and goodies for little children and some simple tokens will already do. Hmm this is going to be my first time and I don't want to put much pressure about it LOL! 

I am just so thankful that my baby is now getting bigger and bigger and he is so simply irresistible! He learns easily and mind you he could be a real darling.

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