Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knowing Your Priorities

As a teacher, it is kinda frustrating when you'll be able to handle students who barely know his priorities in life. Well, am not really expecting that they would be expert on this area but at least I am hoping that they will be keen enough to think of their studies above anything else. Why? Because, it was  such a privilege for them to be in school. If we will try to study the statistic for drop out students (financial reasons) and out-of-school youth, we might find ourselves having a self-pity for them. I felt for those students who have the aspiration to finish studies yet was being denied due to poverty. However, I also felt pity for the parents of those students who just go to school without planning of passing their subjects! Horrible, don't you think? So if you are a student and you happen to read this, and if you felt like somehow you are quite guilty about this, better check and reorganize your priorities.

Just a friendly reminder.

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