Monday, May 31, 2010

The Confident Woman That I Should Be

The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without FearGood morning.... Life ahead is full of surprises... Expect the unexpected...
Currently I am reading Joyce Meyer's The Confident Woman and I am loving it...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Live Signature

I am so desperate to attached my signature for my every post that I really research for it... Then I bump to Mommy Moments' blog and wow! I am really so thankful with their help.... Now I've got my signature to all my post!

If you want to have yours too, just log on to

Friday, May 28, 2010

PDF Queen Reigns Among Search Engine

Ahead of me are challenges that I know will test my patience, perseverance and determination. Beginning June 1, 2010, by the grace of God, I will be assigned as Executive Assistant to one of the highly respected officials in our school. The terms of reference of an Executive Assistant can be summarized into two words as GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Before this new task was entrusted to me, I am already trained on secretarial job being the nature of my present work. One particular task that I always encountered with is  pdf search and download. There are many PDF search Engine in the web, but there's one particular  PDF Search Engine  that I find really helpful, the PDF Queen. On this website, you can choose by your location or country to narrow down your searches. I tried to search for the Executive Assistant's Manual and I was so impressed with the result. Right after typing the phrase 'Executive Assistant's Manual' I was prompted with an option to choose the HTML version with the help of Google which automatically generates html versions of documents as the site will generate pdf results. The advantage of this was that while downloading the pdf copy, PDF Queen will provide us with the immediate result but in html version. If the PDF download is done we can save a copy of it.

Here's a snapshot of my experience with PDF Queen:

Perfect, right? PDF Queen indeed reign in the world of Search Engines.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TT: Going Deeper

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience

"To go deeper is a choice". that's the line of my friend Leah when she gave her message yesterday during our Wednesday Fellowship.

Yes, that it absolutely true. God gave us this freewill-our freedom to choose. There is a price that we need to pay if we opt to go deeper, according to her. Prices like patience, endurance, determination, and FAITH. She emphasized FAITH. Going Deeper is a STEP OF FAITH. Again, I agree with her.

Faith is the ABSENCE OF FEAR. Unlike FAITH, fear will crippled us- disabling us to do what we ought to do (in accordance to God's will)... On the other hand, faith will move us and allow us to do what seems to be impossible... FAITH originated from God, and with God NOTHING is impossible.

And so now, I need that kind of faith. Now that I am about to take a greater challenge ahead of me, I need a multiple dosage of faith to enable me to do what seems to be impossible... With this amount of faith I will be able to get empowered without a hint of fear nor doubt...

Going deeper is a LEAP of faith... I need to make that choice.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Without God I am Nothing...

Yes without Him I am nothing. God has proved it to me so many times... and He proved it again to me this time. When I was in the situation wherein I have no one to run to except Him. Again, God's answered to my prayer saved me when I found myself in a very awkward predicament... that if not because of His intervention, I do not know if where will I be right now.

I declared God's awesome goodness, His present help in time of needs...His faithfulness in my life is immeasurable... In spite of my unfaithfulness... my defiance... He loves me unconditionally...

To Him I bring back all the glory and honor!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Magical Pinkville

This has something to do with Yuuki's Contest Mechanic for her Twin blog Anniversary, to write a blog review about one of her sponsors...
And I picked Liz' Pinkville blog. This pinky blog has a symbol of femininity on it all over. From her choice of colors to her graphics, Sailormoon was there.. Her blog focused on girl power... Oops, did I say it right? No! She's into magical thing... She played Magic: The Gathering! (or was that a game?)  Gosh I don't have any idea about that game but it seems like she really enjoyed it so much... Hmmm why not check it out for you to see...

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