Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shoot Me... with my studes!

this two cool dudes beside me are my students, Terence and Oscar.... fans club? ^_^
taken during our last meeting on the previous semester...
Forever In Blue Jeans

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WFW: Obedience

Obedience is better than sacrifice...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TCP: Angel-A

Angel... wish I could be one... this week's theme is indeed so heavenly (no demons allowed ☺). I'm gonna feature Angel-A movie... a French movie writen and directed by Luc Besson... As I watched the trailer, it's quite intriguing.... French fries... french kiss... french movie...

check this out:

here's a movie review from IMDb website

André is a regular swindler. He lies and cheats all the time and owes money to almost every criminal in Paris. After being beaten and threatened for the umpteenth time, he decides to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. On the verge of committing this act of despair, while standing on a bridge, he looks to the left and sees a girl about to do the same thing. When she jumps, he jumps after her and saves her from drowning. She's so thankful that she offers to do anything he wants while constantly remaining at his side. Suprisedly, she turns out to be a real life-saver by finding a lot of dubious ways to earn money and pay off André's debts. After a while André wants to know why she's doing all these things for him and is curious about her past... click here for more
Include this in your movies-to-watch list... I'll try downloading it here as well ♥

Head on to kikamz for more of the TCP

Monday, July 5, 2010

MYM: My Dear Pamangkin... (Nephew and Nieces)

Well, this MYM, I am proud to feature my nephew and nieces. They might be quite unruly when they are all together but somehow, they brought joy in our almost an empty home. Their presence spell simple joy that money can't buy. They have different personalities yet each one of them complement each other... Like any other kids, they fight each other, hug each other, forgive each other and above all, l♥ve one another...

In spite of their different personalities, they have something in common: they just can't get enough with Pooh! (and I am one of them!)

They are my precious pamangkins... I l♥ve them so much...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoot Me # 3: with Janet and Jacque...

Forever In Blue Jeans

Today's Shoot Me is quite important. Today is Jacque's 25th birthday! (the one at the center). I edited this pic for fun!

See that butterflies on our head? Hmmm...  ^_^

TT: P’Noy’s Time

Honestly, I did not vote for him. When he took the lead during the canvassing, I am still doubtful of him. But considering that former President Erap was next to him, I rather have him to lead Philippines then.
Looking back…

I was born under the Marcos regime, but it was only through my History class that I learned about him and his achievements as will as his downfalls… I was in elementary when former President Ramos took an oath after President Cory Aquino’s term… then came President Estrada on his short term as he was toppled from his office for plunder case. Then GMA took over and successfully extended her term after winning the 2004 Presidential election.

Looking forward…

As P’Noy (his prefarabble way of addressing him) delivered his inaugural speech, I was impressed somehow of his promises and advocacy. His inaugural speech was the first one that I had witnessed (through the television) and I have no basis of comparison with those past presidents. P' Noy was so blatant on his message that he mentioned it boldly before the crowd. All his negative observations against the past administration was very well said. As if hitting the concerned people right on their face, he did not not show any fear of doing so. 
We, Filipinos are all fed up of those promises, but this time let us all cross our fingers in prayers that what P'Noy had promised will come into reality. May his administration marks a new beginning and a blessed hope for us all. We deserve a good governance, we deserve a faithful ad transparent government.
I am confident that God brought P'Noy on his present situation right now for a very definite reason... Let us be thankful for all the things that God is about to reveal to us through P'Noy's administration...
Let us be positive this time and let no doubts and apprehensions overwhelm us.
Let us support on his advocacy and let us always include him in our prayers.
It's P'Noy's time!

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