Monday, January 14, 2013

Just The Way It Is...

"Many are the plans of man, but it is the plan of God that shall prevail..."

As of this moment, I would like to be optimistic about this. As optimistic as I should be. Things didn't fall into places as we have planned thus I would like to believe that God has a purpose about it. It's our fault anyway. We are way too relax that we were not able to consider the possibilities. 

My only motive after all was to make my baby's day extra special but maybe we can still make it happen in a different way, maybe not with grand celebration  but with something else. I should be thankful after all that God has been so faithful with my baby's life. For his good health, the indescribable joy that he brought into our life and for the life itself that God gave unto him. Why should I be worried after all? God has a wonderful plan after all. So I should keep it that way... just the way it is

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Today!

Yah, it is definitely Tuesday today! See how time flies so fast as in real fast?! Fifteen days from now I will have a one year old baby (so excited about it!) Whether there will be a celebration or not the answer is positive. Well, it's not that grand actually, I might have preferred it as a family celebration only because aside from the fact that we cannot afford an el grande one, I don't want to stress myself that much in thinking about things that will only consume much of my worries and apprehensions. I think balloons, cakes, ice cream and goodies for little children and some simple tokens will already do. Hmm this is going to be my first time and I don't want to put much pressure about it LOL! 

I am just so thankful that my baby is now getting bigger and bigger and he is so simply irresistible! He learns easily and mind you he could be a real darling.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Teacher's Creed

I've been teaching for seven years already and believe me, this job is so tough that it really challenged my patience as well as my perseverance. Students nowadays are way too different from students in the 90's. Talking about respect, responsibilities, determination- the comparison would be disheartening but of course with exception to those who give prime consideration with their studies. As a teacher, I met almost all kinds of students and I am glad that somehow I was able to cope up with them though sometimes I come to a point where I really got mad causing me to walk out.

At once I review the Teacher's Creed just to remind myself of my responsibilities. Allow me to repost it here:

A Teacher's Creed

I believe I have been called by God to teach.
I believe in children...young and and and poor....each in need of learning.
I believe in blackboards, chalk dust, textbooks, and computers for each has a part in imparting knowledge.
I believe the love I give to my students will someday be reflected in their lives.
I believe the gift of teaching is not measured simply by marks, enrollment, or the end of the school year.
It is in the witness I give and the fullness of the life lived by those I teach.
I believe I have the power to lead those in need of learning to the threshold of their own minds.
I believe in my giftedness to use each of the tools available no matter how new or old..for the light of knowledge in the eyes of another is my goal.
I believe teaching is more than tests, diplomas, paperwork, and fundraising.
It is the values I breathe daily into another...slowly.
It is in the faith I share in Jesus...ever changing and growing...never ending.
I believe my success today goes unnoticed...until those I teach and touch can stand alone and say "in my life I have learned..."
I believe if I have taught and touched one God's name...I have used my gift to me justly..and can humbly say...
I believe in teaching....
~by Julie McClellan
I knew for a fact that it is not by accident that I was here, doing this so called "noble" job. And as much as I could I tried to become the "ideal" teacher. However, I realized that struggling harder to become one will only stressed me.Trying to be an ideal teacher will only cause me to limit myself in the things that needs to be done. I was reminded to impose discipline, yes I did. Everyday I tried to inject values among my students but somehow it is difficult for them to adjust on the "right values" that I tried to tell them because they are just not "used" to it. In my class you often see students who does not seem to care enough for their classmates. You can hear foul words, sometimes bullying but the worst of all is seeing them not improving at all when the semester ends. I am not really sure if they gave value to everything that I say, maybe not because judging from the way they responded, only few were able to show a remarkable change. On the other hand, I also learned a lot of things among my students. I learned the value of patience- I only have a little of those. Honestly, I could not consider myself as ideal but one thing is for sure, I am who I believe I am- a Teacher who only wants nothing from her students but their cooperation and responsiveness. Like what I always used to tell them, I am just a mere human like them, imperfect in so many ways- the only difference is that I am just one step ahead of them.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aiming To Own a Credit Card? Read This First

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It has been known that time will come our economy will turn into a cashless society and the main countries are already working it out. In fact there are already countries who do not accept cash in exchange of goods. Well, this may sound convenient for individuals who prefers to go shopping with their credit cards. I am pretty sure you are fully aware or if not have already heard about the positive and negative reasons in using such thing. It may really sound convenient but it is our responsibility to know the pros and cons in using credit cards. So, before you sign and fill up that Credit Card Applications, educate yourself first so you will not regret it in the end.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To Let Go With Our Stubborn Ways?

Judges 2:19 (97 kb)

New year, new hope, new aspirations. These were just some of those things that most of us would like to do as we face another year to live for. Perhaps last year we have gone through lots of setbacks, regrets, remorse and all those circumstances that really put us down. Most oftentimes when we are down, our spiritual walk goes along with it. I do not really know with you but as for me, it happened. I know God sees my heart, the attitude of my stubborn heart. Many times I've been struggling with it. I seek for a real answer but all the more I felt being lost. I have no one else to blame to but myself. I kept on asking God why I became so insensitive with His calling. I have lots of good things on my mind yet I failed to administer it. One failure after the other and I felt like my soul was already buried six feet below the ground. I tried to view things positively but my eyes were blinded with my emotion. 

Have you been with that feeling that you were supposed to be in the midst of God's presence during Sunday worship but your mind was just wandering? Or have you tried to keep on telling yourself to read your Bible but suddenly your attention was caught by something else? You are completely aware how sick you are but you never seek for counsel nor do something about it? Have you also tried sharing the good news just like you used to do but suddenly you run out of words to say it. This is alarming, I know and honestly I felt so guilty about it. I cried before God for so many times asking Him to renew my heart, my spirit and rekindle the fire, the burning desire to make Him known that I once enjoyed. I am not saying that I turned my back completely to the truth, I just lost the desire and until now I am still trying to ask myself what I really want to do in my life. I know God is not happy with me now and my stubborn ways continue to bleed Him. What I need is complete revival, now at least I realize that my heart still longs for it.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, Renewed Hope

If I will be asked how was my year 2012, I would say I am blessed enough because we have Gregory. And the year ends with another bundle of joy to expect in the middle of next year , God willing. It might sound too fast but it is already there and considering my age, I guess it's just the right time. So for this year, I am looking forward to a bigger family, blessed and well provided by God's grace. I am also expecting for a development with my career. I am praying for positive outcome Well, I should set aside my pessimistic views in life or maybe I should totally buried it to the ground (sigh). I should keep my faith for I know that everything will be in order as planned by God. Thus, New year is for renewed hope. Amen.

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