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Thursday, November 5, 2009

TT: Second Life

I can't imagine how God loved me that much that aside from the fact that He save me from the eternal condemnation upon surrendering my life to Him, He gave me a second chance to live my life to the fullest! Yes I was referring to my SECOND LIFE. I WROTE about this before, my experience that was quite scary one November day... It was 2nd of November 2005. Because of that experience, God made me realize that I still have unfinished business here on Earth that until now I tried to contemplate if exactly what it could be. But again, I am very much thankful because I have the chance to fulfill my task here on Earth that God is yet to unfold before me.. i might be struggling on some areas but God keep reminding me that I need to pursue because that is exactly the reason why He spare me on that very fateful day of my life.
Glory be upon Him forever and ever!


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God bless