Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Encourage Reading in Your Children

Parent often find it a challenge to have their children read book, especially with all the distractions technology give these days – the internet, video games, movies and cartoons on television. Here are some tips to encourage reading in your children: 

1.Read yourself. Children learn from example. If they see you reading, they will eventually model after you and read too. 
2.Make books accessible and available. Most children who are readers live in homes that have a lot of books that are not only on display but are accessible for them to read. 
3.Make reading fun. Acting out and using different voices is a sure fun way to read stories to your children. 
4.Give books as gifts. 
5.Provide quiet time. Experts say that children (school-age children and below most notably) should only be exposed to two hours worth of screen time each day – this included TV time, video games, computer/internet and game gadgets (PSP, Xbox, etc). Having quiet time will let your children be creative with their free time and they can turn to physical play and reading. 
6.Read frequently, or have a schedule for it.  Offer to read to young children everyday, even several times a day.  Encourage older independent readers to read everyday as well, and engage them in conversation about what they're reading. 
7.Start a word list. Compile a list of words that they usually come across with. Make it their dictionary. 

Above all, praise your children and tell them they are doing a good job in trying and learning to read. 

Agatha is a freelance writer and a mother of two kids. She writes about parenting and health articles like the natural thyroid treatment.

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