Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Personality Development

 This morning, I got the chance to attend the Seminar on Personality Development- tackling about how to have a power personality. The seminar was so refreshing and I was more than satisfied. I could just hope that the presence of the Big Bosses in our school should be there so that they too will be reminded of the basic manners in dealing with other people most especially to their subordinates. Lot of things were discussed. They have personal grooming, phone etiquette (whew! Wish they were there!) and other basic disciplines that were already taught to us (but somewhat forgotten) when we were still in our pre-school years.Every time the speaker cite an example, it made me think of someone else whom should be present right at that moment for that person to realize that his mannerism was indeed unprofessional and should be corrected. Well, the request to conduct such kind of seminar was from the Office of the Human Resource Management and the approving body was of course those authorized authority whom I think would be better if there presence was also there. Yeah!

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