Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One of the fulfillment that a teacher could get is seeing the students excelling on their studies with the subject being handled. Yes, for me, it is a total fulfillment. However, for this year, it seems like I haven't done my best in teaching them because majority of my students got a failing score on their Midterm exam. It's just like a Boomerang to me considering that my subject isn't really that difficult. Prior to the scheduled exam, mostly came to my class unprepared. Others were busy chatting with their seatmates. Their scores were really devastating. I asked them how serious they were with their studies and all just keep silent-none gave any comment at all. 

I felt sorry for those parents who worked hard just to send their children to school. They do not deserve this kind of output. I reminded them about these fact. I just hope that I could not see the same performance output again during the Finals.


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