Thursday, August 30, 2012

Palabra de Honor...

If there's one attitude of a person that I hated the most, it is being unfaithful of his words or promises. Those person who do not know how to stand by their words. I do not know if they have any idea what possible stress would they cause to us being the affected one. 

Let me share you a story.

I am a business-oriented person. I love doing business especially if I could also benefit from it. I am into direct selling with famous products from Avon, Tupperware and Red Logo. I love mingling with people that is why I really do not find it difficult to attract customers. I love with how my business was going on. I could make use of the money in times of urgency and pay for it with my salary just before the due time. 

Then here comes the dilemma. I don't want overdue accounts. However, I just cannot forced those people with unpaid accounts to pay. Some gave promises but wasn't able to fulfill it which could really give me stress. Better for them not to promise at all... Sigh!

Where's that palabra de honor huh? Maybe it's high time for me to stop the business to avoid the same thing to happen again.

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