Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours...

The place where we currently stays right now is one of the major areas that were greatly affected by the raging Typhoon Sendong last December. Every time the rain pours down so heavily it scares half of me especially that most of the time it was only me and my baby at home (Hubby is having his night shift this week). The only thing I can do when it rains so hard is to pray. I pray that the rain will falls gently and the river won't rise. Many were actually against with our decision in moving there but I just keep on telling them that such calamities won't come back again (Amen). The river is wider than before so there's no way that it will overflow again. That was just actually my way of comforting myself. 

Well, honestly, I still do believe that such calamity was enough to remind us that in everything and in all things, God is still in total control. We're supposed to live in that house before that fateful day happens but for some reasons, we're not able to transfer there and during that time I was due to give birth. Indeed, everything happens for a reason. Now that we're already there, I guess it was just the perfect time that God has set for us to be there until He will bless us with our own house and lot in the future. Amen :)

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