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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Because You Are Who You Are?

I've posted about professionalism before and I was overwhelmed with the comments I received from my readers in agreement with my opinion. Indeed, all of us are ought to live in harmony with those people whom we encountered with utmost respect regardless of our position or rank.

I am pretty sure that you are aware about the case of a certain Mr. Robert Blair Carabuena, an employee of Philip Morris, and his disgusting attitude towards an old traffic enforcer few days ago (August 11, 2012). His unprofessional behavior caused him to receive a deafening comments via online as well as offline. He was caught on the act of mauling Traffic Enforcer Saturnino Fabros after being reprimanded with his traffic violations. I really haven't followed the update of this case not until now that right from my Yahoo homepage I learned that he did a public apology at the MMDA Office. Prior to his public apology, his license to drive was up for revocation. According to the source, he appealed to the MMDA Chairman to still be allowed to drive.

In my opinion, Mr. Blair should face all the consequences of his wrongdoings. He  might apologized publicly but it doesn't mean that everything should ends there. He has to deal with the consequences. And I am happy that the MMDA Chairman will pursue the said case.

His arrogance has to end. Let me quote the penal code below:
Under the Revised Penal Code, direct assault can be filed against any person who shall attack, employ force, or seriously intimidate any person in authority while in the performance of official duties. It is punishable by a prison term of six months to six years.
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  1. Oh well, apologizing and paying for the action made are two different things. Good for him he apologized but that doesn't mean he is exempted from the punishment of the offense he made.

    The WoMom

  2. The damage has been done and even though MMDA accepted his apology, he still has to face the law.

  3. Like what they said, A man is determined who he is with how he treat not those who are above him, but those who are below. I hope Mr. Carabuena will realized what he did was wrong. I've been following this news since last week and I am very much disappointed with how other people treat other people. It's just sad.

  4. Yeah, nakakaawa ang MMDA I saw the video and he doesn't even give any respect for the old guy if he can't respect him as the traffic enforcer, he supposed to at least show some respect as the traffic enforcer is already old. Parang tatay na nga niya yun eh. Sigh!

  5. hopefully mmda would take further action rather than accepting "his said" Just apology...

    it obviously ain't enough... he didn't even respect the person who's in authority doing his rightful duties...

  6. oh yeah, i have seen this case on the news. he is such proud man, he needs to be judged or else he will do it again. why is he not being charged?

  7. people should learn humility regardless of how your status of living is. I've seen that video went viral and i was furious. I am glad that someone, a person of concern was able to video the scene. it was a shame and he should've though that he was in public and he is surrounded with concerned citizen who won't tolerate his action. he's disgusting.

  8. There are really people like him in this world. Bad guys always punished...


  9. I've never heard of this issue before....but you are right, he should face all the consequences.

  10. Mr Carabuena should really face the consequences of what he has done. Super naman talaga kasi kasama yung ginawa nya, and he thought he can get away with it? haller!

  11. For me that would be enough that he had his public apology and that experience would serve as a lesson not just for him but to all citizens as well.

  12. He may have issued an apology but I believe that justice still should be served. And this will serve as deterrent for others to follow what he did.


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