Monday, November 25, 2013

Look Back, Look Now and Compare

PacMan has once again dominated the boxing ring with his fight against Brandon Rios yesterday at Macau, China. People everywhere especially those who were affected by the Typhoon Yolanda were celebrating knowing that PacMan dedicated this fight to them.

Indeed PacMan proved his strength once again after losing his two previous fights. I was annoyed by an old woman yesterday who gave a sarcastic comment against PacMan giving emphasis on PacMan's new belief. She said that if PacMan will lose the fight its because of his new religion. So pathetic old woman. I just ignore her because I don't want to have a word war with her.

For those who are persecuting PacMan for his new religion, this one thing I can say: Look back, look now and compare. Try to look back how PacMan was doing before he declared having  personal relationship with God. He used to be a womanizer, a gambler and well maybe he was among those who prayed on idols. People of those kind should stop feasting on PacMan's new found faith. Instead, they should be happy for what he become right now.

To you PacMan, continue to live with the kind of faith that you have right now. God will bless you more.

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