Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PacMan's Fight Outside the Boxing Ring

The Philippine's Pride, Rep. Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, faces yet another fight of his life: the tax evasion case. Now that some of his properties and all of his bank accounts will about to be frozen and garnish, PacMan showed his greatest disappointments with how the BIR put such pressure on him.

For me, I am not in the right position to question the decision of the BIR. However, such decision was so abrupt and too publicize that one can really react out of it. Besides, we all know that PacMan's wealth is not an ill-gotten wealth. He earned it by risking his health and life. There are lots of businessmen, politicians, entertainers who are obviously "tax evaders" yet they remained untouched. Another thing, there are lot of measures that can be done to check whether PacMan is really doing his responsibility as law-abiding Filipino citizen. Why not the BIR directly ask the IRS of USA for the documents that proves PacMan was indeed paying his taxes. 

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