Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Globalization That Resulted to Climate Change

After the disastrous scenario brought by Super Typhoon Yolanda (a.k.a Haiyan), a drastic measures pertaining to environmental concern should be implemented. As we all know, Philippines is often visited with more than 20 typhoons every year and many believed that this is caused by climate change. 

The Globalization and the Climate Change

The drastic change that was brought by the industrialization of our economy causes greater impacts in the changes of our society and ecology. Along with the industrialization is the destruction of our natural environment. Its detrimental effect can be felt right now and some measures were done to save the once abundant nature that God purposely delegated to mankind.

Nature’s destruction was caused by human’s greediness for greater wealth. Such destruction makes the poor becomes poorer, and only few gets richer. The use of technologies such as large scale mining and large scale logging hasten up the destruction of our natural habitat. There are still many other transformations that were being introduced in our country which appear to be beneficial at first but only to realize in the end that its destruction is beyond repair. We are blinded with the ‘globalization’ that said to be the only answer for our economic crises. Little did we know that we are just being manipulated with the wrong perceptions and information. Globalization becomes a government policy (under the rules of GATT and WTO) and we are nailed to it. 

We are compelled to export raw materials to foreign countries. The demands for raw materials are high and mostly, these were taken from our natural resources thus resulting to our environment’s serious damage. In order to cope up with the greater demands, there must be greater supplies as well therefore there should be mass productions of raw materials. When there’s a need for mass production, there should be bigger capital to finance the operation. This entire concept forced our government to borrow money from foreign countries making our economy to swell even more. The irony with this strategy is that we are just making global corporations to get richer as well as those already rich countries. Only few local elites get the benefits. Our future generations will then face the destructing consequences- greater debts and polluted environment. Indeed, this globalization strategy leaves nothing but contaminated and hazardous environment to live.

However, the recent calamity knows no boundaries nor status. Rich and poor alike suffers the wrath of nature. Yet, the poor victims becomes more hopeless because most of them lost their sources of income. I really do not know how should we go about it. But I guess we, Filipinos cannot afford to witness massive destruction again in the future. Yes, we are aware that we will be expecting for more typhoons, but can we afford to have another casualties again? 

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