Saturday, November 9, 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda Claimed More Lives in Leyte

I thought Super Typhoon Yolanda wasted three lives only per report prior to her exit but I was so surprised and sad after seeing the news brought by GMA's Jiggy Manicad and Love AƱover who were both broadcasting late (not live since the signal there was down) in Leyte. 

Another church was down in Leyte. The place whom people thought would be safer was torn down by the strongest winds that the people in Leyte have ever encountered. Leyte along with Samar were known to be a typhoon-prone provinces but so far, Typhoon Yolanda was the only Typhoon that brought such destruction. I know it will take longer before people in Leyte could recover as well as for other provinces that were severely affected too.

On the other hand, there are people who gave a very annoying remarks regarding the effect of typhoon here in Northern Mindanao. Some commented that the government were overly reacting with their preparations for the said typhoon. Those residents living on the flood-prone areas were forcefully instructed to vacate their respective residences and has to temporarily stay on designated evacuation centers until the typhoon will leave on the Philippines' area of responsibility. Instead of being grateful that what we experienced are only heavy rains, some people were reacting saying that their time was wasted because of the forceful evacuation.

Indeed, Senator MDS was right when she said that ignorance can be treated, but stupidity is forever. 

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