Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Am I In Favor Of Death Penalty?

With the anticipation of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to take an oath as our 16th Philippine President, I have been following reports about him and his plan as soon as he assume the presidency. One of the "hot" items that is circulating in the media right now is his stand in favor of death penalty, not by lethal injection, but by hanging. As expected, this was creating different reaction from the society and of course, the CBCP and the Human Rights advocate are purely against it. Well, that's their opinion, but as for me, I am into it.

Why am I in favor of death penalty?

There are numerous reasons why I am in favor of it. As we can see, statistic shows that incident involving heinous crime is soaring high and the culprit who have been proven guilty are spending their life in the prison and some are even having a good time, being treated like a VIP.

Imposing a death penalty is just right for those culprit whom we can consider as cold-blooded animal who never hesitated to kill or abuse anyone. If we are too lenient with imposing bigger penalties for those who have no hesitations in committing a crime, their number will continue to grow. As for me, these people should serve as warning for others in committing as such. And as for those who are strongly against this law, maybe they will have a change of mind if they will consider those victims as one of their own. Besides, once this will become a law again, it will have a different impact for those who are abusive not unless they do not fear untimely death.

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