Thursday, May 5, 2016

Aren't Elders Supposedly Be Our Role Model?

I was totally pissed off this morning while reading an FB post from one of my students before. She's a minor age and was still in Secondary School She narrated that there was this old man who just simply chat with her. At first their conversation was doing good until the old man offered her a phone (she didn't mention the brand) followed with an indecent proposal.

For heaven's sake, what happened to some of our old men right now? How could they even think of doing such thing just to satisfy their lustful desires? This is such a threat to our younger generations-especially young women. So sad because there are some young women who will just simply cling to the ideas and accept the proposal without even considering the possible outcome and before they knew it, there were already trapped to the evil scheme of this kind of men.

To all parents, never allow this thing to happen to your daughter or any of your children. As parents, it is our primary goal to protect our children from the immorality of this world. This is such an alarming issue. Bribery is one of the schemes that these men are using. They offered expensive gadgets or even large amount of money just to trap their victim. Too bad for those who easily get caught. Too bad for those who lack parental guidance, and too bad for those who thought that money and pleasure is everything in this world.

I could only hope that our government could do something to protect our children because they are too vulnerable to this kind of situation. May the law protecting them will totally be enforced and life sentence should be accorded to those who will violate it.

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