Friday, May 6, 2016

Can't Help But Notice and Comment

With barely two days before the National Election, black propaganda against the leading Presidential candidates is getting worse causing his loyal supporters to really react. News on campaign sabotage were also reported on FB but not on television news. Not only that, political ads that clearly and directly or shall I say blatantly shows antagonism was shown, which said to have violated the law. Then there was these numerous cases being filed by one of the VP candidates who seems to do everything just to demoralize the leading candidates.

Given all these scenario, indeed, Philippine politics is nothing but a game of deception, defamation and sabotage. Why sabotage? Because, the present administration is willing to run an extra mile just to have his presidential bet be ahead of others. However, it seems like all his efforts won't paid off unless there will be a massive cheating (God forbid) that will take place this Monday (Election day). What is more threatening are the news that was being spread that the machine was being manipulated as what was took place in one of the precinct in Mindanao when the machine was being tested. Then I remember earlier this year about the news that there was a problem about the source code. And to think that these machine were just being programmed by some intellectual programmer therefore manipulating it is as easy as ABC. There are also images posted in FB wall that some of these machines were transported to a place not being specified using a PRIVATE VEHICLE. Thus, we can never blame the voting populace if they will speculate about massive cheating. There was also a sudden changes in the surveys making the presidential bet of the admin to the top (in less than a week before the election). Surveys too can be easily manipulated. Not to mention their confidence in expressing to the public during interviews that they will surely win- How sure?

Oh God, help my country please.  I could only hope that the one whom I will vote for in the Presidential seat is the one that God really wanted for our country.

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