Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Are We to Judge?

In few hours, Election will start and I am pretty sure, none of the candidates, particularly the presidential candidates, was having a good night sleep. Maybe right now they are wondering what could be the result a day after tomorrow. Obviously, the pressure does not solely rely on them alone because even our local candidates have their share of anxieties as well. Up to this writing, many people in our neighborhood are still busy even at the middle of the night waiting for their "share of blessings", this sounds illegal but it is very rampant wherever you go. This has become a customary in the Philippine politics. Too bad for those who were caught in the act and was detained  by the police for possible criminal charges as what I have seen on the news.

While they are busy waiting for their turns, I am also busy browsing the net about some updates especially about my presidential bet on the social media. Then a certain comment of a page that I belong to caught my attention. She was explicitly showing her disinterest on my presidential bet citing on his ill-mannered personality. It was a page of a religious ministry. She might just merely expressing her opinion because she's entitled to it but I just cannot stand this attitude of being so self-righteous that we tend to easily judge other people. Yes, she's probably right that my bet (obviously you know whom I am referring to) has this bad attitude but who are we to judge his capacity? Have we forgotten our heroes in the Bible? Those whom the society has considered as murderer, womanizer and unbeliever? Aren't God use them mightily for His cause? We cannot really foretell what a person would become because we all know that with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, it is true that we need to have that kind of leadership that is worth following- a kind of leader that is worth emulating by our children. But I guess, imparting values to our children is, first and foremost, a parents responsibility. So we need not to worry if we can have a foul-mouthed President because I do believe that people can change, people can be tamed and much more if you are holding the highest position in the land. In spite of his "bad attitude", the support that the people have showed upon him is beyond compare. I don't think so that it is just a pure charisma- it is all about the legacy and accomplishment that he had with him along with his other credentials. His accomplishments are very remarkable and we just cannot blame why there are so many people who vouched for him. These are the people who are sick and tired of our present government system. These are the people who wanted a radical change for this country. Besides, as a Technical Instructor, attitude is just 10% of my student's grade because the big weight lies on their performances/project outputs and the way I see it, you cannot accomplish something if you have no right attitude at all. Same thing happened when we are seeking for a job, EXPERIENCE do really matter, don't you think?

So before I end up, let us pause for awhile and say a little prayer for an honest, orderly and peaceful election.

God bless the Philippines.

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