Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Joy of Being Real

I've said this before and I would like to reiterate it now: I am who I am.

I am not whom people expected me to be. I am ME. Being real to ourselves is by far much rewarding than being pressured of becoming what you are because that's what people wants you to be.
At school my students really know who I am because I am showing to them the real me. They knew when I am not in the mood, they knew when I am game for their crazy jokes and they knew when not to disturb me. Even to my colleagues. My mood for the day is very evident. They knew when I am mad, they knew when I am really happy and gay and they even knew when I am sad because I am not good at hiding my emotions. I am not an expert in pretensions. 

Nevertheless, I may not be good in hiding my emotions but I know how to control it. I know my limitations. When I am upset, I'd rather keep my silence.

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