Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All About Remote Controlled Cars

Remote Controlled, Or RC Cars Can Operate In Many Kinds Of Environments You may own remote controlled cars, or RC cars as they are known, but perhaps you're a little vague on how exactly they work. RC cars typically run on battery power or gasoline and can operate in a number of varied environments, but do best on a flat, solid surfaces where they can muster the maximum amount of traction. They all operate in a similar fashion. A transmitter sends out radio waves, and remote controlled cars receive the radio waves, or electromagnetic frequencies. When the car receives the radio waves it is guided by the signals. If you're operating the RC car, you likely have a remote control box with controls that you manipulate, and this is translated into radio waves the transmitter sends to the receiver inside the car. The radio waves drive the motor. Lots of different kinds of controllers are available on the market, and although they all operate on the same principles, you'll find that there is a variety of different grips, the way each feels as you hold it, and different feels of maneuvering that sets them apart. You should try out a number of them and choose the one that feel best to you. Your receiver is normally a circuit board inside your car with either an internal antenna or an external one that receives radio signals sent by your transmitter. The receiver interprets the radio signals for the motor and that allows the person at the controls to make the motor perform as he wishes. Your motor is the backbone of your RC car, because it's the workhorse that controls the wheels, or in the case of an RC plane, the propeller, and other oscillating parts. The motor is the nerve center where radio signals are converted into pure mechanical drive, which increases or decreases speed, and handles your car's maneuvering. The motor, however, can only perform two functions, and two functions only: it can go, and it can stop. More sophisticated RC cars might have three or more gears that the motor drives, and which set the car in motion. The gear system is a mini-transmission that helps power RC cars through rugged terrain. It can help the car handle challenging courses that might include steep hills and formidable obstacles. Remote control cars may run on electricity or gasoline the latter if it's an especially advanced model. With either fuel source the car will function in essentially the same way. The fuel used to run your car depends entirely on which one it is designed for. Gasoline-powered car will operate with more power, and they can be used in rugged terrain, while electrically powered cars do best on a flat surface, like your sidewalk or even the living room floor.

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