Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Overcoming Evil

"Overcome evil by DOING good"- this is a Biblical truth. But the question now is how? How can you keep calm if somebody yell at you or scold you for no apparent reason? It needs great patience to ignore such situation. The truth is, somehow it's quite hard to do.

But the Bible is clear with that kind of situation. We may find it too hard to comprehend but the Words of God speaks clearly about love and that includes loving those who persecuted us. In fact, we are also instructed to bless those who persecute us. God is not insensitive (you might think so). Always remember that NOTHING and absolutely NOTHING is hidden from God. He knew it when we cry out of desperation, discouragement and affliction. But always remember, VENGEANCE is not ours. Let us just continue to love other people especially those who are too mean to us. I agree with you that this is quite hard to do because I admit, I still have to deal on the area of patience. We are not alone on this journey. All we have to do is too seek for God's help and wisdom that we may be able to overcome all those pains by God's grace.

Have you been scolded today? Take a pause and lift up everything to God.

God bless everyone!

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