Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Boy!

Last Saturday me and my hubby were so excited to know the gender of our baby. Right after the Prayer Breakfast in our church, we immediately went to Oro Ultrasound for an ultrasound (obviously!) He was so happy when he learned that it is a boy. I am so excited as well that I sent general message to all my families and friends... We then both decided a name for the baby after almost half day of brainstorming LOL! Then yesterday, Sunday, we bought baby's apparels... Wee we are so excited for our bundle of joy...We just couldn't thank God enough for the happiness and excitement!

By the way, his name will be JEUSH GREGORY!And the nickname would be KOBE! Want to ask me why? His father is a frustrated basketball player so he want to pass on his long time dream of becoming a professional basketball player to his son (God willing) ^_^

One thing that we could hope and pray for is that my baby will get his father's height in order to realize such dream ^_^

How about you, what's the latest thing about you that you want to share?

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JanMeriam said...

Congratulations Maam :) I love the prospective name It's unique. May he grow in the likeness of the Lord.

Paula said...

Congrats, sis! Time will fly fast and before you know it he's in your arms na. :)

penda said...

Maam site is ohsum ~ will pray for baby kobe ! hahah , what if sa church Christmas partei sya mg.special guest ? hahahah

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