Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Unusual Encounter

My first day of class quite made an impression as I got my students to answers random questions. I have qualms at first in handling ICT subject for Public Administration students considering that this is my first time but I tried to overcome it by allowing them to share and pour their hearts out. I am surprised with how they truly shared their life's experiences, some were even teary eyed in giving their answers... I used to do most of the talking during the first day of class but this time it was different. I then realized that it pays much to listen than to do a  lot of talking. Even if that was still our first  meeting (except for those some shiftee students who used to be on my class before but on different subject), the gap between me and them was gone. I just so love the idea that there was a kind of spark that goes on among the class.
I truly cherished that first day of class.

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