Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thought From An Expectant Mom

I am so overwhelmed with how time flies so fast. Before I notice it, I am already feeding my baby... Well, I still cannot get over with the thoughts of the pain that I am going to endure soon. But I am confident that God will help me get through it. Lately, I am already experiencing lots of fetal movements, I love the experience though it's quite painful sometimes. They said it is a sign of a healthy baby and I should be thankful about it.I am supposed to undergo an ultrasound last Saturday but I forgot to bring the doctor's note. I have to schedule it by next Saturday since the Doctor will be requiring it during my next appointment with her. I am quite nervous of the result. I am still crossing my fingers for a wonderful results. I heard lots of stories about giving birth and its ordeals. And as far as I could, I tried not to get affected with those negative things I heard... I need to be strong and to keep myself calm as much as possible. It's my seventh month and it is possible that I can give birth anytime at this stage but I am praying that I will have it by January next year. I am going to be a Mom and I am so excited about it. I know I still have lots of things to learn and lots of responsibilities to cope up... Well,it's gonna be an exciting journey and I am looking forward to have a smooth transition from being just me to being a Mom-to-be...

Please say a little prayer for me :)

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Getting mom is great thing in every womens life and you should enjoy the moment and also take care of yourself as it’s the high time for you to look after yourself.

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