Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are You Good In Keeping Promises?

I don't know anymore how to deal with those people that have no word of honor. I am the type of person who gives value on promises. That is why it really get into my nerves when I meet people who just couldn't keep their promises. To give you an idea on how frustrated I am right now, let me share to you my story:

We are currently renting a room (just good enough for me, my Hubby and our baby). Our landlord lives in the second floor. When the occupants on the other room moved out just last Saturday my Hubby suggested moving to the vacated place because it is more convenient than ours. And I agree with him. Given the idea, I approached the owner and told her about our plans. She agreed with us saying that she supposed to tell me about it but naunahan ko lang daw sya. She also told us that she already expressed such idea to my Mother-in-law about it. So me and my hubby were really very happy and so when I went for grocery on Sunday, I bought all the cleaning materials that we need in preparation of our plans since we need to clean it first and disinfect everything because the previous occupants is a cat owner and we want to get rid of all those parasites that might be left in there. The owner told us that they need to repair the ceiling first and so we have been waiting for their "GO" signal. However, last night when I got home, I was surprised when my husband told me that the owner has the room inspected by prospective new occupants late in the afternoon. It sounded like a bomb to me considering that I was so excited for the plan. But I didn't say anything until the owner will really confirm it. So just this morning, the owner (the wife) told me that she forgot to tell me that before the former occupant vacated the room, a neighbor had been telling her to inform them because they are interested to rent it for their niece and that she never thought that the said neighbor was really interested about it until yesterday when the said occupant came. Out of great dismay, I told her that if that's the case, it's beyond my control considering that I am just a tenant. But she added that if we are really interested, the monthly rent is higher than our present rate, and the charge for the electric bill is not included. I was again a little bit shock. Why I was shock? Because never did she mention about it last Saturday about the rate because in the first place, the room area is the same only that everything is in there (the comfort room and the sink). Out of great dismay again I just told her to give it to the interested occupant because I could no longer afford the rate.

The feeling that I have right now might be misunderstood by some. But honestly, I was really so disappointed. I am disappointed because they were giving us false hopes. I am disappointed because they were not good in keeping their promises. I am disappointed because they were just so insensitive with the feeling. They should have told us about it before they offered it to us. They should have not given us false excitement, they should have not been definite about it if they weren't really sure. But then even if I am totally disappointed with them I tried to keep my calm with one thing on my mind. I want to find another place for us to stay. I just couldn't live with their presence any longer. Now I need to browse here in the internet hoping that I could find one.

This is just among those frustrations about unkept promises... If I am going to enumerate them all it would be too many. I just hope some of them will be able to remember to keep it even to the last minute.

How about you, are you good in keeping promises?

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