Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Reliable Is Pandigital Planet R70A200

I am not really a very techie person. But if I will get the chance to own a quite highly sophisticated gadgets, it won't be difficult for me to learn about it because I may not be that techie but I have the curiosity that will eventually push me to know more about the gadget. 

Talking about curiosity, I want to learn more about Tablet PC's and how may it help me with my online adventures. I know people are going crazy over this sleek design gadget but I am just wondering if Tablet PC's are reliable enough especially for blogger like me. I know that Tablet PC's are touch screen and convenient enough for on the go individuals. I have one particular Tablet PC that I would like to dig on and if possible, I would like to ask those who were able to use it about its performance, it's  Pandigital Planet R70A200. I browse about the product and here's what I got:

Technical Specifications:
  • 800MHz PAN8006 Cortex processor with 3D GPU
  • 2GB on-board storage memory and 512MB DRAM. With a MicroSD Card Slot of up to 32GB Memory Expansion
  • 7" Color Resistive Touchscreen Active Touch TFT Display @600x800 resolution with Virtual Keyboard
  • Built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Front Facing VGA Camera & Micro-HDMI Out
Additional Features:
  • Front VGA cam for webchat
  • Built-In Microphone and Speakers with Headphone out
  • Mini-USB 2.0 host/OT & Micro-HDMI out
  • 2GB on-board storage memory, up to 32GB additional memory via microSD card slot
  • Orientation sensor, ambient light sensor, 2 axis accelerometer & back-lit
  • Buttons: Volume Up/Down, Power On/Off, Android Buttons
  • Weighs 13.8oz; 5.19"x7.6"x0.5" dimensions
  • Pandigital compatible with 5V chargers
Software and Applications:
  • Android 2.3 (GingerBread) OS
  • Barnes & noble eBookStore & Reader.
  • GetJar App Store - for Thousands od Android Apps
  • YouTube Video Player, Photo Gallery Viewer, Calendar, OfficeSuite, Weather Application, Email Browser, Web Browser, Advanced eReader. Flash Support and more...
  • Music Player
  • Media Formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, MPEG4, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF, EPUB
With these given specifications, would it be reliable enough for heavy user like me? I would also like to know if using portable keyboard is possible because honestly I am not really good in using virtual keyboards.

Care to share your experience? Thanks :)

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