Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going Back to My First Love...

I realized how I miss teaching so much. Now that I am back to the teaching arena- there are things that I need to sacrifice (Oh-ow what a term LOL). For the meantime, I need to bid FB goodbye, need to take a hiatus from blogging, need to limit my time in front of the computer (specifically, the internet). Honestly, I have now limited access to the internet, I don't have one right now. But then, considering that blogging is my source of additional income, i made it a point to post and update my blog at least once or twice a week, just like what I did right now.

I used to teach before even if I am already in the office working as an Admin staff but it has been limited to two sections or two subjects only. Unlike now wherein I get to handle seven classes per week. What I surely miss is my Drawing class, which now becomes my major preparation. After three school years, I am back again to the Drawing Room. Though I am a little bit sad because there were problems I encountered regarding room facilities and room assignments. But anyway, our Chairman is doing something to meet those needs. And it is normal to experience such problems during first week of school. Nevertheless, I am still happy that finally I am back to my first love.

As of now, there are lot of things that I need to catch up with. To be honest, there are tasks that were left undone like commenting on the blog campaign where I had participated (Hope fellow bloggers will understand me). I am praying that soon I could have a laptop of my own with internet connection. We're living separately from my parent's home so I do not have an access anymore. I am hoping as well that God would allow it to happen because for me, laptop is not a WANT, it's a NECESSITY. :)

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