Saturday, June 23, 2012

Making A Great Impact

As a teacher, it is a great challenge on how to make a great impact among your students. But for me, it is such a privilege to be a teacher. My sphere of influence will enable me to make the difference that I want. I may not be the best teacher but I am willing to run an extra mile just to impart everything that I learned. 

There are different ways in gauging teacher's impact among his/her students. One is the learning attitude of the students. If the student learn something, it is shown through his/her output performance. However, there are students who are just reluctant to learn. These are the students who consider going to school as a burden. Nevertheless, the teacher has the ability to change such kind of perception by motivating them until they will really learn. There are factors that the teacher should consider in assessing those kind of students.

The teacher need not be totally talented. All the teacher need is the sensitivity to assess the needs of the students. Once the student's needs has been addressed, the teacher can be assured of a healthy learning process among his/her students. That's what I consider as "impact".

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as a teacher, i give you a thumbs-up for this..

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