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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are You Living Professionally?

How likable are you as a Professional?

When we talk about professionalism it is way far beyond what is defined in the dictionary. Most people thought that only those who were able to earn a degree deserve to be called “professionals”. But I beg to disagree. Yes, they might be called “professionals” but not all of them practice the real value of professionalism.

Real professionalism does not start from the appreciation of oneself. It does not focus on how we value ourselves but rather it focuses on how we value others. When we give premium concern for other’s feelings, it is already good as giving value of our very own self. There are so called “professional” individuals who have short knowledge about professionalism. We can mostly find them in the corporate world or even in the academe. They are those who do not accept suggestion from those who are in lower position. They regarded their suggestion as rubbish. For them, taking a suggestion from their subordinates is just like insulting their capabilities- a big slap on their face. These are the kinds of people whose ego reaches to the highest peak. It is also disheartening to think that people whom you have expected the most to treat any individual fairly are the people who will tell you directly that they are more knowledgeable than you thus you have no right to tell them on what to do. I just couldn’t understand why they are so bitter in accepting one’s suggestion even if it means more advantages on their part. Well, we can blame it on their egocentric personality that could possibly be dominating on them.

So, how should we define “professionalism”? For me, it is beyond the degree that we earned from burning the midnight candle. It is all about establishing good relationship to people in all walks of life whom we dealt with everyday. It is a simple gesture of politeness and respect not only with those who are above us but most especially those who are under our responsibility. However, if value is not injected in all academic curriculum, what else could we expect but bright minds yet with filthy behavior. But the value that I am trying to emphasize here is just reinforcement to the value that was taught in every home. Yes, parents play a vital role in instilling to their children the significance of right attitude. Teachers will just do the reinforcement. Correct values will manifest in the way the individual talks and acts. Professionalism does not attain only after graduation. It is attained when we are still young and we were taught when to say YES and when to say NO.

Let us assess ourselves right now: Are we living professionally?

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