Friday, June 8, 2012

A Big Thanks for the Big Heart

Thank you both!
Since I started blogging, I met lots of blogger friends both here and abroad. Most of them were kind enough to share all their knowledge about blogging and were also generous enough to include me whenever there are opportunities from Direct Advertisers. I didn't meet most of them in person, only some of those who were from my locality. In blogosphere though, it is quite difficult to win the trust of everyone. It is even harder establish integrity not unless, you already get acquainted with them for a longer period of time. Mine was a different case. I once posted a campaign for almost one month now. It is all about getting a sponsorship for my baby's dedication. I understood if some are reluctant to join. Maybe because they have some doubts or maybe they just do not trust me at all. But I am not losing hope. I am still waiting for somebody to participate on my campaign sincerely. And today was the start of that hope that I kept within me, the answer to my prayer. I met Lady Lyn, the blogger behind What's Hot?. She first invited me to like her FB page. We haven't meet yet in person but there seems to be a connection between us. The way I see it, she has that strong faith in God (stronger than I do). She was very supportive with me and with my campaign. And I just cannot thank her enough for joining my campaign with her fiance, Joshua of Herbal Med Teas. I am praying that more people will be as big-hearted as them. ♥♥♥

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